Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Java Hoster also supports its customers from A to Z in their communication campaigns on the Web. Here again, Java-Hoster offers various SEO plans adapted to different profiles.

Whether we are dealing with an e-commerce platform or a blog, increase the positioning of a site is a complex task especially when such sites are generated dynamically on server side thanks to Java (with JSP / JSF and servlets).
However, beyond the required technical implementation, the guideline should remain the same : to increase visibility of a website consists of two tasks :
- Increase popularity of your site on the Web
- Create interesting contents on your website

For any questions please contact our SEO experts

  Pack Visibility Pack Traffic Pack Premium
Web ranking reports

Web Ranking Reports

12 months follow up YES YES YES
Monthly reports YES YES YES
Optimised pages 1 5 10
Search Engine Optimisation Tools

Search Engine Optimisation Tools (SEO)

Search engines submission YES YES YES
Technical optimisation NO YES YES
Semantic optimisation NO YES YES
Sponsored links campaign NO NO YES
Web 2.0 marketing NO NO YES
Competitive analysis NO NO YES
R.O.I. optimisation NO NO YES
Dedicated consultant NO NO YES
Technical Support

Technical Support

Helpdesk 24/7 YES YES YES