Change the default JVM size for your Tomcat or Glassfish server

By choosing a dedicated Java or Glassfish hosting you are certain to obtain the best service level and therefore a greater availability for your Java/J2EE applications.

Many resource intensive applications require more memory for several reasons:
- because they use very powerful Java/J2EE frameworks such as Hibernate & JPA, Springframework, JSF, Struts, ...
- because of they wrap very complex business process like in CRM (Customers Relationship Management) applications or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications
- because they have to handle large amount of data or a high traffic

An insufficient amount of memory allocated to the server can cause loss of performance (increase in application response time) or even unavailability of the entire application. In some extreme cases, when the memory allocated to Tomcat or Glassfish is definitely too low the server can not even be launched. By adjusting the amount of memory purely allocated to the server that handles the processing of the Java processes (or JVM heap size) you can dynamically adapt the server to its load.

If you choose a dedicated Java hosting it is possible to change the memory allocated to the server to suit your needs

I would like to increase the JVM size of my Tomcat/Glassfish server: